ARMA Golden Gate April: Why Systems Fail -No Silver Bullet for ECM/DMS/RMS Roll-Outs

April 20, 2016
11:45 AM PDT - 1:15 PM PDT

Farella, Braun + Martel LLP
235 Montgomery Street, 17th Floor
San Francisco, CA

 COMING IN APRIL: WHY SYSTEMS FAIL  ----  No Silver Bullet for ECM/DMS/RMS Roll-Outs.

Do you have a software implementation in your future? If yes, you shouldn’t miss this meeting.

Many ECM, DMS, and RMS implementations fail to live up to expectations, and organizations pursue new software solutions believing the “next system purchased” will be the silver bullet to solve their problems. Lack of management support, funding, resources, training, and many other reasons can doom a roll-out. This session will discuss what has worked and what has not worked:

  • What are the major success factors for a ECM/DMS/RMS project
  • What are some of the major stumbling blocks
  • How to “pre-organize” your new or existing project for success 


Bud Porter-Roth is an independent, vendor neutral, consultant in the electronic document and records management industry. Bud has been consulting for over 20 years and is the principal consultant for Porter-Roth Associates (PRA). With over 100 successful consulting projects over the past 20 years, PRA brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge, experience, and lessons learned to your project. If we have learned nothing else from our work in this field, it is that technology is only part of solution: people and process are equally important to a successful implementation.

Thank you!

Tom Dougherty, CRM
2015-16 ARMA Golden Gate President

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