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Professional Growth and Advancement Scholarship

Professional Growth and Advancement Support!

The ARMA Golden Gate Chapter is pleased to announce an opportunity to help Chapter Members further their Professional growth and advancement.  

The chapter is offering Scholarships for reimbursement of a Golden Gate Chapter member’s Out- of- Pocket expenses:

  • Certification testing or application expenses for those pursuing certification.
  • Continuing education for members needing to maintain their current certification.

As a Board, we are committed to investing in our members. We have set aside $2000 to be awarded each Chapter year from July 2017 to June 2020. We hope that this is an encouragement to pursue/maintain a professional certification.  All awards will be issued in US dollars.

Fall/Winter Scholarship Period: Application deadline is October 31st Application received by this date will be reviewed and scholarship will be disbursed in December the same year.

Spring/Summer Scholarship Period:  Application deadline is April 30th. Applications received by this date will be reviewed and scholarships will be disbursed in June the same year.

Applications received after a deadline will be considered for the next scholarship period.

 Application Form Link

Maximum award: $500 per applicant per Chapter year July 1st to June 30th

Requirement:  Current Member of ARMA Golden Gate Chapter*

Qualifying fees:  Records Information Management (RIM)/Information Governance Professional (IGP) related Certification expenses to cover testing fee or application fee only. Study materials not included. Educational expenses such as paid by chapter member maintaining existing certifications (i.e., CRM or IGP) are qualified for the scholarship. Please email [email protected] if you have a question what expenses are eligible for this scholarship.

Timeframe: Fees paid within the previous twelve months prior to an application deadline are eligible.

Fall/Winter Application Deadline:  October 31st at Midnight (US PDT)

Spring/Summer Application Deadline:  April 30th at Midnight (US PDT)

Award Date: Fall/Winter Awards disbursed December, same year. Spring/Summer Awards disbursed in June same year.

Application Process:

Submit a completed ARMA GOLDEN GATE PROFESSIONAL GROWTH & ADVANCEMENT SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION form along with receipts of eligible expenses to [email protected] Receipts provided must follow the requirements outlined on the form.

Only completed applications with proper supporting documentation will be eligible.  Complete means:  Application form completely filled out – no blank lines- and all receipts and proof of expenses as described above where included at time of submission.   Award will be based on qualifying fees paid and number of qualified applications received.

*A current ARMA Golden Gate Chapter member is a Professional Member of ARMA International who paid local chapter registration fees for the Golden Gate Chapter via the ARMA International website.