2016 – 2017 ARMA International Awards

Each year during conference, ARMA International recognizes chapters that have received awards

Golden Gate Chapter Awards:

  • Membership Recruitment – Pacific

  • Chapter Member Recruitment Campaign

  • Chapter Merit Award – Gold Level

Chapter Member of the Year:

Each year the chapter recognizes and honors a chapter member who has made significant contributions to the chapter and its membership throughout the chapter year. Contributions can include volunteering at meetings or events, providing resources or helping to advance the profession and chapter in a meaningful way.

Below is a partial list of recipients*

  • 2016 – Jill Frantz and Edgar Osorio

  • 2015 – Amy Dondy

  • 2014 – Cathy Sparks

  • 2013 - Maureen Cusack

  • 2011 – Robin Hedrick

  • 2010 – Tom Dougherty, CRM

  • 2009 – Sandra Sneeringer

  • 2008 – Christopher J. Johnson

  • 2007 – Greg Weigel

  • 2005 – Larry Medina

  • 2003 – Valerie D. McMorrow

  • 1999 – Dorothy Miller, CRM

  • 1997 – Terry Lee McCord, CRM, ABCP

  • 1996 – Cynthia Butler

  • 1995 – Pat Tighe

  • 1994 – Bob Russo

  • 1993 – Julie Miller

  • 1992 – Nancy Williams, CRM

  • 1991 – Nancy Williams, CRM

  • 1990 – Paul Yunt

  • 1989 – Richard P. Wilke, CRM

*Note: this list was provide by ARMA HQ which does not have a complete listing of all the chapter members of the year. If you are aware of the recipients for the missing years, please let us know so we can update the list. Thanks!

 ARMA Golden Gate Cable Car Award:

The Cable Car Award, created by the ARMA Golden Gate Chapter Board and its past president Christopher Johnson in 2009, is to recognize and honor those chapter members who provide excellent support to the chapter by attending a very high average of chapter meetings and events. The award is given at the discretion of the chapter board and its president annually and is only given to current chapter members; current board members are exempt. In keeping with the chapter’s commitment to being ‘green’, no plaque will be created; instead, the members will be recognized online under the awards tab of the chapter web site.


  • 2016 – Amy Dondy and Jill Frantz

  • 2015 – Glen Fowler, Kathleen O’Connell, Thuy-My Ong, Jill Frantz and Amy Dondy

  • 2014 – Evan DeMik

  • 2011 – Robin Hedrick

  • 2011 – Jared Milligan

  • 2010 – Tom Dougherty, CRM

  • 2010 – Momodou Ndow

  • 2009 – Jeffrey Lewis

  • 2009 – Sandra Sneeringer

The Nancy A. Williams ‘Outside The Box’ Award:

The ‘Nancy A. Williams Outside the Box Award’ was created in 2010 by the Golden Gate Chapter Board and its past president Christopher Johnson. It is named after Nancy Williams, who is a former chapter President and a mentor in the profession.

Nancy has always been an innovative thinker and is someone who pushes her colleagues in the profession, as well as the Association itself, to think ‘Outside the Box’ when creating new records systems, training programs or educational events in Records and Information Management.

Nancy’s desire for excellence and creating new ways for solving problems is a part of what helped shaped this Chapter and gives it a distinction of being a head of its time.

This award is given to a chapter member, at the discretion of the Chapter President or Board, who has helped create innovative programs or events that furthers the Chapter’s knowledge so we are better prepared for new Records and Information Management challenges that face us today and beyond…


  • 2016 – no 2016 receipent

  • 2015 – Marshall Commons

  • 2014 – Camille Astle and Robin Hedrick

  • 2010 – Nancy A. Williams, CRM

  • 2010 – Jeffrey B. Lewis

Chapter Leader of the Year:

In 2010, ARMA International created the Chapter Leader of the Year Award. The award is given to a Chapter Officer who shows extraordinary contributions to the Chapter. Contributions can include attending all meetings and events, providing resources or helping to advance the profession and chapter in meaningful ways and providing creative ideas to help the Chapter attract new members while providing value to existing members.


  • 2016 – Angelo Gaspar

  • 2015 – Stacey Thomas

  • 2014 – Michele Koepf

  • 2013 – Marshall Commons

  • 2011 – Angelo Gaspar

  • 2010 – Mark A. Anderson